This is it. The final wine featured for 2009 in the 30 Days of Local Wine!

Mama’s Special Delight wine is one of Black Bear Farms & Estate Winery‘s sweeter wines, yet not as sweet as the mama of Michelle and William of Black Bear who this wine is named after. It is also not as high in alcohol being 7.4% alc./vol. That is exactly how Mama likes it; sweet yet not strong!

This wine was released to the public during Black Bear’s Christmas Open House November 28 and 29, 2009 and would be a great addition as a winter sipper. When you taste the wine you get the full body and taste of the blueberry, which is only right, as the wine is made only with pure whole blueberries grown here on Black Bear’s farm.

This wine retails at $20.00 a 375ml bottle and would be very good with the desserts that are so plentiful at this time of year.

We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s 30 Days of Local Wine and that you tried some of the features out and maybe even found a new favourite.

We encourage you to post a comment about any wines from 30 Days that you may have tried and start a discussion!

Happy New Year everybody!!! Please remember: Do Not Drink and Drink!