Can you believe that we’re already on day nineteen of our 30 Days of Local Wine of 2009?!?!

For today’s feature, we head back to Black Bear Farms & Estate Winery for one of their fruit wines. The Purple Raspberry is made from pure purple raspberries grown right on the Black Bear farm. Now like myself when I first saw this wine and probably most other people, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I didn’t know there is such a thing as a purple raspberry”. Well, there is, but they are available for only two short weeks in the summer and it has a unique taste.

Black Bear retails this wine for $18.00 a 375ml bottle and it is 15.2% alc./vol. The Purple Raspberry is extremely good over ice cream or as an after dinner sipper.

For a brand new winery, Black Bear sure have learned the trade quickly as they pulled out another medal winner with this wine at the 2009 All Canadian Wine Championships this past May. The purple raspberry won a bronze to go along with the gold medal Papa’s Special Reserve won.