A crisp pear nose leads into a surprisingly smooth and delicately sweet mouth-feel with Colchester Ridge Estate Winery‘s 2007 Riesling. The taste is reminiscent of mandarin oranges and peaches while the balanced acids result in a clean and lovely finish.

This Riesling is a bronze medal winner at the 2009 All Canadian Wine Championship. It has also been selected as the Official White Wine of the Ontario Legislative Assembly for 2008/2009 with MPP’s stating ““it’s the best Riesling they’ve ever tasted.”

According to Gary Killops of EssexWineReview.com, these MPP’s know how to choose their wine.

“It is a very smooth wine with a medium fruity tasting” states Killops. “The wine is a golden clear colour. The fruit sensation builds with each taste.”

This wine is wonderful to enjoy as an aperitif, however, as an accompaniment with food we recommend sea food, especially different white fishes done very simply with just a bit of lemon and dill. It is also quite nice with a mild curry and numerous Asian dishes with cashews.

“Pair it with Le Fin Renard cheese for a perfect match”, Killops adds.