It's Pay What You Want at The Social Bean

Apparently it’s  crazy month at The Social Bean Cafe, 1255 Grand Marais West (at Dominion).  Starting Tuesday October 13, 2009  and running until October 31, 2009, the popular South Windsor cafe is clearing prices off it’s menu and you decide what price you pay for what you order.

Design, customize or try one of their cafe specialty drinks and pay what you think it’s worth.  Everything is fair game on the menu.

Now if you’ve never been to Social Bean before, then you are missing out.  Owner Jerry Sorrentino has created a gem in this end of town that offers up an experience that is truly an asset to the neighbhourhood.   You could literally sit here for hours sipping some of the best coffee in town.  What I love about this place is that it always feels comfortable.  You know what I mean?  Like going to a  friend’s house.  It offers up a different experience than the generic chain coffee stores.

So head out to The Social Bean Cafe this month, have a cup of java, stay for lunch and pay what you think you’re meal is worth!

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