Our Wine Trail Ride for September 26 has been postponed to Saturday, October 3.  Now, I know it doesn’t look like it from looking out your window right now, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. 

On October 3 we will be visiting 3 wineries:  Aleksander Estate Winery, Black Bear Farms and Mastronardi Estate Winery.  Our ride will begin at Aleksander Estate and then head toward Black Bear and Mastronardi for tastings and tours.  It’s then back to Aleksander for a meal made with local Essex County products.

Registration begins at 12:30pm and the ride at 1:00 p.m.  Tickets must be purchased in advance either through the WindsorEats shop or by cash only at Maximum Edge, 3393 County Rd 42 (across from the airport).

Also remember that the WindsorEats tandem bicycle package (2 Wine Trail Ride tickets and the rental of the 2-person bicycle) is available for each ride and can only be purchased through the WindsorEats shop.

Our Wine Trail Rides have been selected as a finalist for the Ontario Tourism Awards and we find out next week if we win!  Keep your fingers crossed!