Trivia Night on Tuesday

Every first Tuesday of the month, hosts Trivia Night at The Social Bean Cafe, 1255 Grand Marais. 

We started the Trivia Nights in June and they have been tons of fun for us. 

It’s free to participate.  Stop by The Social Bean Tuesday, September 1 at 7pm. Everyone will be set up in teams of 3 or a maximum of 5, so if you have a few friends that might be interested, bring them along!  Engage in a little trivia, have a cup of java and chat it up with friends.  

Also, if you are a movie buff, every Wednesday at The Social Bean Cafe is “At the Movies…” where they show a classic film once at noon and again at 7:00pm.

These are both great nights to socialize, hang with friends or even make new ones without breaking your budget.  Plus, Jerry at The Social Bean makes one mean cappuccino.

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