You may recall, local music, arts and culture magazine WAMM held “The Best of Windsor” last month, where readers voted for their favourite everything across the city.

Well guess what? won as Best Local Blog! 

Blogging has evolved for the better over the last few years, with blogs such as the addictive “International Metropolis” and “Scaledown” and your favourite “Windsor Eats”, a welcome change from the “I like this boy, I bought new socks, this band is so hot” personal blogs. is, at the core, an online menu guide, but over the years gas evolved into a hub for events including “Winter Bites”, “Eat Your City” and winery bike trips through the county and of course, their food blog. – WAMM

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!  We love that you love us!  If you haven’t flipped through the pages of WAMM Magazine, it is a great resource for what is happening in the local arts, music and culture scene.