Thai Silks Eat Your City 2009 $15 three course lunch.

The Windsor, Ontario food frenzy that has been Eat Your City 2009 all culminates tonight, the final night if EYC ’09.

Yesterday, we ordered some EYC lunches for takeout from Thai Silk (shown above with fresh avocado rolls, pad thai and mango cheesecake) and Junk Pan-Asian Grill (Chili Grilled Calamari, Junk Chicken Salad and a brownie).  My pad thai was absolutely phenomenal and I could barely finish my 3-course meal there was so much food.

Tonight, our entire family is going to to celebrate a very successful, and tasty, EYC ’09 by heading out to Per  Bacco Ristorante to try out their $25 EYC 3-course dinner menu.

We advise everyone to call and make reservations. During the final night of Winter Bites 2009, some walkins were turned away from filled to capacity restaurants.