Not to be outdone by Adriano and his ordering 3 Eat Your City meals in one day from Black Kettle Bistro, I’ve decided to post about my own adventures out this week .

First stop…..Biscuits and Gravy! This was my first time at this new downtown eatery and after hearing Adriano speak about how great it was, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out. Owner, Steve Micallef had it right. From the Eat Your City posters in the window to the little mini menus made up special for this week. I was ecstatic! I love coming into a place that has an event happening and feeling like I’m part of something special.

My 3 course lunch was made up of the Rivercat springrolls filled with catfish and veggies, wash basin chili that had been slow cooked for hours and sweeeeeeeet potato pie. All for $15. To be honest, I didn’t even make it to the sweet potato pie. After the first two courses, I was stuffed. But Steve was kind enough to wrap that pie up for me to take home.

Slow cooked Wash Basin Chili

On Wednesday, Sean and I headed over to The Original Tecumseh Roadhouse for dinner. When we asked for the Eat Your City menu, the waitress didn’t really know what we were talking about which was kind of disappointing but after it was all sorted out, the Roadhouse meal didn’t disappoint. Now this is normally where I would show you a picture of the blackened catfish gumbo I ate…but…umm…well….I kinda devoured it in record time and forgot to take a picture. But here’s what it looked like after….

What used to be Blackened Catfish Gumbo

Today, it was Junk Pan Asian Grill for lunch and for what was an amazing deal. For only $10 I had a 3 course lunch of chili grilled squid, marinated beef tenderloin wrap and an warm, gooey, marshmallowy, chocolatey brownie…I mean c’mon!! $10 for all that??

Warm brownie topped with marshmellows

All fantastic meals without putting me into the poor house.

And don’t forget it’s not all about the food. There are some great events happening too! The ever fabulous vintage shop Jones & Co is offering 30% off storewide, tomrrow night Slice of Style is hosting a Chocolate Tasting from 6pm-10pm, Saint Flamingo Silkscreening Studio is opening their doors to those interested in learning a little bit about silkscreening, Johnny Piez is offering a 24 slice Queen pizza with 4 toppings for only $22.95 plus tax. and Tsunami Glass is offering glass blowing demonstrations and 50% off storewide.

You can get more information on these events here.

Now, remember, there are only 2 more days left for Eat Your City! So if you haven’t been to one of the fantastic restaurants to take advantage of what are some pretty amazing deals, well……hurry up!! You’re running out of time! It’s gonna be over soon!