The Original Tecumseh Roadhouse's own signature sauces.
The Original Tecumseh Roadhouse's own signature sauces.

The Tecumseh Roadhouse has updated its menu and would like to announce the new items. Without overdoing it, they would like WindsorEats to boast about the items as they have worked hard them and feel they are unique to Windsor.

They have changed their vegetarian option to a smoked pulled portabello sandwich, optional with blue cheese (without for true vegans) caramelized peppers.

They’ve added a smoked chorizo sausage with a custom beef/pork made to order for the Roadhouse. This is used in the Smoked sausage sandwich as well as a new inexpensive smoked sampler with brisket and a sample of their ribs.

Another addition is pulled pork and fish taco’s. Wait till you try the fish!

There’s a new signature ‘main’, the Pit Smoked Rockin’ Hen (a smoked Cornish hen).

For those who want a value option for burger they also now have a “Recession Burger”. This will help for those tightening their belts.
There is also a new summer Roadhouse pasta primavera for a lighter summer option and last, but not least, they want their customers to drink healthy: Sangria…now with fruit!

Pina and I both absolutely love the sangria slogan. The food is fantastic too!If you have the appetite I highly recommend the Big Chief Burger.