In their “Best of 2008” issue, the staff at The Metro Times of Detroit, Michigan voted Smoke N’ Spice Southern BBQ as Best Barbecue. Here is what they said:

“A French-cuisine-trained chef turns his attention to barbecue. He goes to Memphis for training. And the result is a combination of smoke, tenderness and earthy animal goodness unrivaled since our ancestors accidentally dropped a haunch on the fire. Wings are luscious and meaty, smokier than most. Don’t be fooled by the ribs’ appearance; they’re rather black and dry-looking, with a startling pink interior that, explains Ryan Odette, is due to long, slow cooking over hardwood. Pulled pork is meltingly rich, though no fat is evident. Odette properly leaves the sauces to the diners to apply after cooking: a slightly sweet, mostly tangy tomato-based sauce; a chipotle; and a complex mustard. Yes, it’s weird to go to Canada for barbecue, but if your only criteria are the tastes, it’s the place to be.”

Congratulations to Ryan, Tina and the entire Smoke N’ Spice gang!