Winter Bites 2009: So Far So Good…Now Where To Next?

Winter Bites

Halfway in,  Winter Bites 2009 has been phenomenal success. Restaurateurs and diners alike have been raving about different aspects of the week long event. Restaurant owners we have talked to are happy to hear a buzz about dining in Windsor and a good flow of customers during a traditionally slow month while customers are raving about the great deals being offered and the fantastic meals they are receiving with very little strain on the wallet.

Thai Silk appetizers during Winter Bites
Thai Silk appetizers during Winter Bites

Already this week, I have enjoyed a Winter Bites special at two different locations. The first was an unbelievable meal at Thai Silk. Jill and I each ordered the Winter Bites special. So we’d be able to try as many different tastes as possible, Jill went for the Chicken Satay, Thai Peanut Sauce and Deep Fried Bananas for her 3-course meal while I went for Avocado Summer Rolls, the Red Curry dish and a slice of New York style mango cheesecake.

Also this week, a group of us went out to The Pour House Pub where for my Winter Bites meal I indulged in beef nachos, a 10oz. New York steak and a deep fried Mars bar. Very filling and a very good meal. The nachos were huge and the steak came with a side of veggies and a starch.

Pour House steak during Winter Bites 2009
Pour House steak during Winter Bites 2009

A tough decision is yet to be made though: Which Winter Bites restaurant do I go to next? A group of twelve of us have already made reservations at Bamboo Catering Co. for Saturday, so that one is off the list. I’m pretty sure I have it narrowed down to two restaurants; Marathon Ethiopian or Per Bacco Ristorante. With their normally low prices, Marathon got creative with their Winter Bites menu offering a feast fit for a king. Also, with my favourite Meat Combo offered as one of the entrees, it makes it very hard to resist. However, the thought of ordering a nice grilled steak with Per Bacco’s signature zip makes my mouth salivate.

Oh, what to do?!

Anyone else interested in venturing out for Winter Bites 2009, check out the participating restaurants and their menus. Just remember, it’s best if you make reservations. Even better if you make them through!

To give recognition where recognition is due, the photo of the steak at The Pour House Pub is by Darren of Photo 404, a great Windsor/Essex photo blog worth checking out.

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