Note to self: Driving with Shin Shin in the car is dangerous.

After deciding to order Chinese and calling up Shin Shin Chinese Cuisine, I drove on over to pick it up. While waiting to pay for my order, it was nice to see the place packed. A busy restaurant at 6pm on a Friday is always a good thing.

The drive home was normal until I completely rolled up the windows. Then it hit me. The aroma coming from the bag sitting next to me in the passenger seat was amazing and had me salivating. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the takeout containers and was struggling to not open them up and start eating dinner as I drove. They were calling my name.

“Take a peak and open me up, Adriano” it called to me. “We’re filled with awesome Shin Shinny goodness.”

We had ordered two spring rolls, Chicken with Bean Sauce, Fried Chicken Sliced with Lemon Sauce and the Shin Shin Special Egg Fried Rice.

Normally when I order “Lemon Chicken” from other places, the sauce tends to be lemon flavour overkill. I would have to say the lemon was at the perfect level. Not too strong, not too light. A very enjoyable dish which, in my opinion, is, even though fried, not too heavy. I think its the lemon that “lightens” it.

The Chicken with Bean Sauce (black bean) is comparable to Mi Mi Gardens Black Bean dishes, and anyone who has heard me talk about Mi Mi’s knows it is a borderline obsession. It also wasn’t overly topped with vegetables, which is a good thing in my books.

Shin Shin is a remarkable restaurant and I highly recommend you going in and tasting it out. Tell them WindsorEats sent you.

However, if you decide to do take out, please, be careful and drive safely.