Another sad day in the Windsor culinary industry as Plunkett’s has announced they will be closing their doors.

Not all is bad news for the Plunkett’s, however, as the establishment is being taken over by the sons of owners Karen and Michael in a “next generation” initiative.

The decision to close came quick as an opportunity presented itself with the closing of another downtown eatery.

“Things are pretty cranky in Windsor and globally and with the closing of Patrick O. Ryans…and the room for a more casual, but high quality and fun venue downtown, we decided to move very quickly”, says Karen Behune Plunkett.

“Michael, I and family are so very grateful for the loyal customers and friends from around the world that we had the opportunity to have met. It has, and will continue to allow us to share our family’s passion for food, drink, music and great conversation!”

The last day for Plunkett’s will be on Saturday, November 8, 2008. It will then re-open on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 as Mick’s Irish Pub.