The Big Walk
The Big Walk

Tom Lucier of Phog Lounge is organizing a big walk. A really big walk. On Saturday, November 8, walkers will criss cross the city for an entire 16 hours. Beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at midnight, the Big Walk is a great chance to rediscover our city.

Tom and the group will be stopping by heritage spots, areas in our city that are often overlooked, some areas that show what is positive about this city and some that show what is not. It is an all encompassing look at who our city is, what we want it to be and what it can be.

Tom explains it best on his blog:

Big Walk is scheduled for 8am on November 8, and will finish at the starting point 16 hours later, at midnight. We will be walking across the city back and forth, up and down, north of Ottawa Street primarily, but keeping within the oldest quarter of the city (closest to the Detroit River).

We plan on stopping for four sit-down meals and some short tours of certain select spots. We also plan on visiting several local businesses, some you may know, some you may not, to increase awareness of what they have to offer. Most of these stops will be culturally significant or historically significant stops. So we’re not stopping at a car dealership, or a mall.

What will everyone take from this walk, besides sore feet? I think we will have a renewed sense of our city, in the area researched, because we will be unable to ignore the subtleties we are habitually glazing over when we drive or bike. These walkers will be seeing the trash (or lack thereof) in certain neighbourhoods, the road conditions, the abrupt endings to bike lanes, and the faces of many houses we have never turned our heads to enjoy.

If you are interested in participating email Tom at