If you’re looking to add a little spice to your lunch Thai Palace is the place that can give you that extra midday kick. Located on 1159 Lauzon Road, Thai Palace is a hidden gem on Windsor’s east side.

Thai Palace
Thai Palace

When first entering the restaurant it is an instant sensory indulgence. The decor is fantastic, done in vivid colours with beautiful cultural decorations. It takes a minute to realize that you are still in Windsor and not transported half way around the world.

While Thai Palace is great for a long dinner with friends and family, it also has the potential to provide the backdrop for a memorable business lunch. With both a main dining section and individual rooms, each impeccably staged, there are a lot of options available.

Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls

“Everything we serve is fresh,” says owner and chef Renu Anderson. “We get a lot of business people coming in for lunch to sit, relax and listen to music. We serve traditional cuisine and can cater to parties in any of our private rooms.”

If the decor and layout of the restaurant wasn’t enough to peak your curiosity, the menu will hook you. The lunch menu is compact with just enough items to whet your appetite. Items from the lunch menu come with a choice of Thai Wonton Soup or Tom Yum Chicken Soup alongside a salad with house dressing.

Select the ever popular Pad Thai or try something new like steamed rice served alongside stir fry chicken, peppers, mushrooms, celery and broccoli in a peanut sauce that puts all other peanut sauces to shame! And if you’re the adventurous type when it comes to spice, Thai Palace provides a spicy level from 0-5.

The staff is attentive, polite and if you’re unsure of what to order, just ask! They are accommodating and can recommend items for everyone. Since first opening in September of 2007, Renu is ready to celebrate one year of success with an open house planned for September, 2008 and in house specials all month long. And until the weather turns cold you can enjoy your lunch or dinner on the outdoor patio.

Thai cuisine in an upscale atmosphere with a touch of Thai decor, music and great Thai food with presentation. Thai Palace is a gem in the crown of Windsor’s great restaurants and a true dining experience.

To view Thai Palace’s lunch and dinner menu visit www.windsoreats.com/thaipalace

Article featured in Biz X Magazine