Chef Of the Year Competition

On Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 9am at St. Clair College, the CCFCC Central Region Chef of the Year competition takes place.

Chefs from the CCFCC’s Central Region will be competing for the title of CCFCC Central Region Chef of the Year. The winner will represent the CCFCC Central Region at the CCFCC National Convention in Montreal 23-27 April 2008. This competition will place the CCFCC four regional Chef of the Year winners in a competition for CCFCC National Chef of the Year.

Culinary Guild of Windsor

Four competitors from Kitchener, Muskoka, Toronto and Windsor will prepare a well balanced 3 course menu for twenty-five persons in an allotted time frame, using proteins prescribed by the National Competition Chair. would like to wish Anthony Dalupan of Bamboo Catering Co. the best of luck as he will be Windsor’s lone representative.

Part of the festivities that weekend is the 2nd TABASCO Junior Hot Chefs competition to take place on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 10am, also at St. Clair College.

Six junior chefs of the Culinary Guild of Windsor will compete in the TABASCO® Junior Hot Chefs competition.

Junior chefs will have 60 minutes to produce two identical plates containing a minimum of three components (main, starch and vegetable). The competitors are required to use one of the five TABASCO brand Pepper Sauces in at least one of the plate components. Also, the competitors must complete the task using only one stove burner and a chaffing pan.

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