We’re giving away 2 tickets to see Baby Blues courtesy of Baby Blues and Lakeshore Cinema! Just leave a comment and make sure to enter an email where we can get in touch with you. We’ll throw everyone’s name in a hat, draw for a winner on Friday, January 11 at 4:30 p.m. and they’ll receive 2 tickets to see the film.

Baby Blues

Baby Blues was filmed throughout Windsor and Essex County and is making it’s big debut this Friday! Here’s a synopsis taken from the site:

Josie Patterson is attempting to start her life over after a tragic incident changed the life she previously knew forever. She gets a job at a small town diner and attempts to establish new relationships. However, the shame over her past mistakes prevents her from getting close to anyone. Then, an unlikely friendship with a kind hearted co-worker, Mani, and a romance with a young, drifter musician named Max, challenge Josie to recognize that she can’t hide from her past forever. These unlikely connections give Josie the strength to reconnect with the young son she thought she had lost forever.

We’re encouraging everyone to check the film out! You may even be able to spot a few locals who had a great opportunity to act as extras. So what makes Windsor a great place to shoot a film? “Windsor was chosen for it’s diversity to be a large city and also double as a small town,” explained Jeff Nadalin, producer. “Some of the locations we filmed at were the Whistling Kettle, The Dominion House, the Riverfront, Pitt Street, Country Meadows Cemetery and various houses and apartments across the city and county.”

Even if you don’t win the tickets make sure to head over to Lakeshore Cinemas and check out and support a great film.

Showings are daily at Lakeshore Cinemas on 164 Lakeshore Boulevard starting Friday, January 11 at 5:20 pm, 7:30 pm and 9:35 pm. There are additional matinees Saturday and Sunday at 1:20pm and 3:20pm.

Thanks for hooking us up with the tickets Jeff!