I'm in Dublin!

Cheers from Dublin! The flight over wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. Since I left at 10pm from Detroit, I slept pretty much the entire way. I did manage to get in a few games of inflight trivia where After getting in last night, Rose and I headed over to Saba, a great Thai/Vietnamese place in the centre of town. One thing about dining in Dublin, a reservation is ALWAYS required. Restaurants here are packed. Dubliners love being social and love going to restaurants.

For apps we ordered crispy spring rolls with woodear mushrooms and plum sauce for dipping and the Black Pepper Squid with a ginger pepper soy sauce. The presentation for the squid was great. I loved how they made this cute little paper bowl for it out of photocopied newspapers from Bangkok.

For the main I had a spicy noodle dish with prawns and pork and Rose had a dish from the Wok with a bowl of steamed rice. I can’t exactly remember what she had in her dish, I was so fixated on my own!

Tomorrow we head off to Cobh for a couple days. It’s in the south of Ireland and takes about 4 hours to drive there. I’ve been told it’s where the Titanic set off. So off we go! Cheers!

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