If you’ve ever been confused about what documents you need when crossing the border between the Canada and the U.S. then you need to check out this new site: Crossing Made Easy.

With so many questions about new passport regulations and changing rules, this site tells you exactly what you need!

“There are so many misconceptions about the new passport regulations, and we thought it was time to take action to clarify the status for our U.S. neighbours.” says Gordon Orr of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Windsor.

The recent changes to passport regulations, which took effect in January 2007, caused a great deal of confusion with regards to land border crossings. The U.S. Passport Office has extensively publicized the new regulations, but no effort was made to differentiate between flying into Canada, which does require a passport, and driving across the border, which does not.

The site is easy to use, frequently updated and full of information regarding the Windsor/Detroit border. Regulations may change as early as January of 2008, and at that point a passport will be required for all border crossings. But for now you can still come to Windsor with your usual I.D. :  a birth certificate and government-issued photo I.D.