Ristorante Calabrisella

Well Valentine’s is a few days away and we’ve been receiving loads of reservations online! Ristorante Calabrisella is another great place to take your special someone. But remember to make reservations as quickly as possible! Restaurants always fill up quickly and you don’t want to be stuck eating leftovers at home in front of the t.v. (I have a feeling that wouldn’t go over so well with your “significant other”.)

Ristorante Calabrisella
Caprese Salad…$9.50
Mussels Pepate…$9.50
Calamari Fritti…$11.00

(each dish comes with soup or salad)
Pasta Marchese (spinach, porcini, tomato blush sauce)…$17.00
Gnocchi Sorrentini (mozzarella, blush sauce)…$16.50
Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken…$18.50
Pasta del Pescatore (mussels, clam, squid, shrimp in tomato sauce)…$19.50

(includes soup or salad, pasta or veggies)
Veal in Truffle Oil…$19.50
Chicken in Artichoke Sauce…$18.00
Broiled Atlantic Salmon with Dill Cream Sauce…$19.50

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