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We’re Bringing Butter Chicken Cones To The Street Food Fare

We’ve brought in a guest chefto get creative and put a little spin on a classic Indian dish that everyone loves just for our Street Food Fare. 


We’re Excited For These 5 Things To Do In Windsor, Ontario This Summer

Being Canada’s southernmost city and having the country’s longest and hottest summers lends itself pretty nicely to being a hotbed of outdoor festivities. 


WindsorEats To Host Two Street Food Festivals in 2019

Food lovers, rejoice! WindsorEats will once again be hosting our annual Street Food Fare in 2019. In fact, it has been so popular we’ll be hosting it twice!


6 Things 2019 Will Bring To The Food and Drink Scene in Windsor

With the new year almost upon us, WindsorEats is taking a look at six big things we’re hearing about and anticipating for 2019.