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5 Items on Rockhead Pub's New Menu You Gotta Try

It was to be another quiet night at home. Dinner was on the stove, yada yada yada, I was devouring every item on Rockhead Pub‘s new menu. Owner, Dave Krndija, a huuuuuuge Seinfeld fan, has revamped their menu for the first time in 9 years and, to our enjoyment, has a decidedly “Seinfeld” touch to it from the…


Newest WindsorEats Member, Rockhead Pub, Introduces Pizza Cones To Menu

WindsorEats’ newest member, Rockhead Pub, has introduced a unique twist to a classic on their menu: pizza cones. Tonight, owner Dave Krndija hosted a launch party to formally introduce the pizza cones onto his new menu. I had the opportunity to sample two of the cones: the Pulled Pork cone and the Bocconcini cone. Other…