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Chimney Cakes ready to be filled at Walkerville Chill in Windsor, Ontario.

1580 Wyandotte St. E., Windsor, Ontario ⋅ 519-915-1231

Walkerville Chill is Windsor’s first chimney cake and ice cream shop! Known is North America as chimney cakes (because of their cylindrical shape) or Kurtosh they are essentially a sweet baked bread. We start by weighing out a portion of dough, rolling it into a rope and wrapping it around a wooden or stainless form to make either the cake or cone shape. Next we roll it out to bind it together, coat it in oil and sugar and let it rise before baking in a rotisserie oven. As the cakes bake the sugar caramelizes forming a sweet crispy exterior and a soft inside. Fresh out of the oven while the sugar is still melted we can can coat them in a variety of toppings from cinnamon sugar, walnuts, cocoa, sprinkles or coconut.

Originally from Transylvania these sweet breads were traditionally baked over hot coals for celebrations, such as weddings. They are known by several different names across Europe. In Hungary they are known as Kurtoskalacs, in Romania/Czeck they are called Trdelnik and in Germany/Austria Baumstriezel. They have a rich history across Europe, but are relatively new to the North American market.

All of our dough is made in house daily(along with mang of our fruit sauces and frostings) and while traditional chimney cakes are made with milk, eggs and butter our dough is completely vegan friendly and lactose free! For the chimney cakes you can have them as simple or loaded as you like from sugar glazed to covered in nutella and peanuts and anything in between. The chimney cake cones can be filled with your choice of spreads/toppings and filled with vanilla, chocolate or twist ice cream as well as a variety of hard scoop flavors and for our vegan or lactose sensitive friends we have a vegan soft serve with hard scoop options coming soon!


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