We offer a wide variety of meals, something for everyone definitely! My husband and I have been in the industry for 35 years and love, love, love what we do and we are hoping that every single person that comes through our door can taste that also! We have put 35 years of experience into the selection on our menu, a combination of all the meals that people have loved through the years and added the Greek meals that have been made for centuries.

There is definitely a Greek flair throughout the whole menu, everything from our Greeklish omelette which has French fries right in the omelette to our home-made gyros which again had French fries wrapped in the pita (get the common theme…lol!) to our dinners that are not plated in a fancy manner, just simply good food which is what our goal was!

Don’t be mistaken, our food transports your taste buds to the streets of Greece (sorry no ocean side view…just the flavours) so come in and try it!

Oh and lets not forget that we have now bottled our very own, made in house Salad dressing and BBQ sauce so grab a bottle on your way out!