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Christmas Cookie bliss

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas cookies. Early in November my mom starts baking the dozen or so different types of cookies for the holiday season. As kids, my brothers, sister and I could hardly wait until the first of the holiday visits when mom would break those cookies out and set them on the table for the guests. We’d wait at the edge of the table until the



Welcome to WindsorEats’ first blog entry! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we begin our forray into the world of blogging. There’ll be links to recipes, chats about food, restaurants and anything food related. I’d love to hear from you so don’t be shy and let me know when there’s something interesting going on in the city or just to say hi!


Three…A Tasting Bar

“The Food Network is good for two things, introducing people to new things and teaching them how to cook at home.” This coming from Three A Tasting Bar‘s head chef, Ted Dimoglou. I decided to spend a little time in Three’s kitchen discussing the restaurant industry, his feelings on everything from fresh ingredients, books written…