The WindsorEats Food Hall in Windsor, Ontario’s, Via Italia will be flaunting it’s Italian heritage this weekend with Rome’s 2777th Birthday Party!

Located at 400 Erie Street East in Windsor’s Little Italy, The WindsorEats Food Hall will be adding a Roman touch with an Italian themed evening to celebrate the Eternal City. And shall we say, it doesn’t look a day over 1000 years old.

Here are 5 things we think you’ll love at the party:

Italian Cocktails

While the popular margaritas we make will still be on the menu, we’re also adding some Italian drinkypoos to help celebrate the occasion. Some Negronis, Aperol sprtizes, and more will be offered up.

Italian Food Truck

Pizza, anyone?
Pizza, anyone?

Being a food hall and food truck lot, we’re bringing in an Italian food truck that will be pulling into the lot offering up some Italian street food alongside the usual offerings of Rico Taco and Frylicious, who are regularly parked on our lot.

In addition to that, we’ll also be slicing up porchetta sandwiches from Romano’s in Amherstburg.

Live Italian Music

What’s a celebration without some great live music?! The trio of Pat Pagano and his crew of Nino and Maria Palazollo will be playing some classic Italian ballads from 7pm to 10pm for everyone to enjoy and dance to. We think it’ll definitely be something Nonna and Nonno will love to listen to.

Roman Attire Encouraged.

Toga? Gladiator? Do it! We’re encouraging everyone to come dressed in Roman attire for the evening.

A Reason To Celebrate

Do you really need a reason to celebrate, let loose, and have a good time?