Blood Brothers Brewing Company has submitted two exclusive beers in an attempt to win the title of the 2024 Master of the Brewniverse.

The Masters of the Brewniverse event is taking place on May 11, 2024, and invites breweries to showcase their creativity by submitting one-off beers that are exclusive for the festival. Attendees will also have the power as they get to vote for the People’s Choice award which is handed out alongside a winner that is chosen by a panel of judges to be the Master of the Brewniverse.

Blood Brothers Brewing Company.
Blood Brothers Brewing Company.


The first beer is Thunder Punch, a smoothie sour ale with pineapple, banana and coconut.

Blood Brothers brought out their top-gun recipes for Masters of the Brewniverse! This splendid brew brings the island to the mainland: picture a sour-based piña colada and you are almost there…and be sure and bring your sandals!

The second beer being submitted is Buzz-On, an IPA with Cryo Citra, T90 Citra, Citra 702, Citra Spectrum, and Citra Abstrax. Running at 6.5% ABV, this righteous recipe uses five versions of Citra for citrus heavy, juicy & fruity East Coast hazy IPA – be prepared for hop decadence and head for days.

All of the beers for Masters of the Brewniverse will be exclusively available at the event. Blood Brothers Brewing is joining Rose City Beer WorksNatterjack Brewing CompanyLeft Field BreweryGrain & GritCured Craft Brewing, and more at the event.

Masters of the Brewniverse takes place at the WindsorEats Food Hall, located at 400 Erie Street East in Windsor, Ontario. Attendees will receive the opportunity to taste 60oz of beer with each ticket (5oz. servings only of the exclusives) while having the power to vote for the winner of the People’s Choice award.

A judges panel will then select a best in show with the winning brewery named the Master of the Brewniverse! The one-offs in the competition are served as samples only, but, other full beers as well as food and cocktails can be purchased separately. Masters of the Brewniverse will be 80’s themed.

We encourage everyone to make their hair big and bust out the shoulder pads and wear their best 80’s attire. Tickets are $47 and can be purchased at