It’s time to raise a glass to one of Windsor, Ontario’s, most adventurous breweries. Craft Heads Brewing Company is celebrating turning 8 years old with a celebration this weekend.

The brewery invites you to celebrate 8 Years with us this February 25-26, 2023,  as they celebrate 8 years with 8 new beers and some beer cocktails.

Craft Heads has expanded the playbook, hybridized the spirit and beer world and concocted 8 unique experiences for your taste buds, only for this weekend. Here is a look at the 8 new brews that will be a part of the celebration.

Coffee Stout Espresso Martini

Built on a base of Chance Coffee stout this drink balances sweet Kahlua and the bitter coffee with an added kick of vodka to wake you up and keep your night going.


Our take on the classic Amelia uses elderflower syrup, vodka, and muddled mint and blackberry Berliner Weiss for a clean and refreshing experience.

The Warmest of Winters

Simple and straight to the point this beer pairing will warm the heart with a spicy 100% rye and our full bodied malt forward winter warmer.

Sugar Skull Guavarita

A classic margarita with a Craft Heads twist. Tequila, Cointreau, lime, and guava juice paired with our creamy fruit forward Guava Sugar Skull Sour. Sweet and Sour with a hint of vanilla makes this beer-cocktail a true adventure.

Fla’Mango Sunrise

This dangerously smooth take on the Tequila Sunrise pairs our fruit forward Fla’Mango blonde with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine to transport you to a beach somewhere (and out of the ice) topped with a cherry. This drink is just as delicious as it is eye-catching.

Bourbon Mint Julep

Pick your horse and place your bets, our beer based take on the Kentucky derby favourite utilizes one of our favourite minty, malt forward beers highlighted in our past advent calendar. Paired with a smooth sweet bourbon and fresh muddled mint.


A classic Mexican cocktail made with New vienna, tomato juice, lime juice, and Worcestershire sauce. To top it off this drink is rimmed and spiced with Smashed Apple’s Mighty Ceaser spice mix. If you like it fuego style, ask our bartenders for a kick of hot sauce.

Pineapple Sour Pina Colada

The newest addition to the Sour adults lineup is front and center, paired perfectly with coconut rum and pineapple juice for a creamy, tropical treat sure to please the taste buds.