Mazaar has been a leader in Lebanese cuisine in Windsor since they opened their doors catering to both a wide variety of healthy options for vegetarians and meat eaters to enjoy.

Their incredible new menu offers a bold and innovative twist on Lebanese cuisine by re-working some traditional dishes to make these new menu items truly unlike anything you’ve ever had before!



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Here are 6 dishes on their latest menu that you felt you absolutely had to try!


A hipster favourite “avocado toast” just got a middle eastern twist! This Portabello Baba Ghanooj is definitely a sharrable plate you’re going to want to try with your dinner party. Their 7 grains-toast is the base for this advanced baba ghanooj dish. Topped with portobello mushroom, avocado, freshly made baba ghanooj and Parmesan cheese.

Fresh home-made pesto sauce adds an Italian flare to this advanced Baba Ghanooj dish. Drizzled with balsamic and raspberries perfecting a balance of sweet and sour!


The Soujok Cake is a mountain of flavour and packs a spicy punch that we cannot get enough of! This dish is a beautifully crafted scalloped potato stack infused with spicy layers of French and Lebanese beef soujok sausage and topped with basturma. The potatoes, cream and soujok with the garlic offer a trifecta of deliciousness which linger on your taste buds well after you’ve finished eating.


Plant based eaters rejoice, you can now satisfy your shawarma cravings with Mazaar’s new vegan “beef” shawarma!

Whether you are a plant-based eater or not, you will not be disappointed with this vegan take on a beef shawarma. You may even have a double take when you get a taste of the imitation beef made of soy curls. Marinated in their vegan house sauce, the curls impressively mimic the texture of beef. Topped with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onions on a bed of shredded fried potato and drizzled with tahini and mustard microgreens, this menu item is a definite must-try for all!


This eggplant antipasto is unlike any antipasto you’ve ever had before! This dish is made with pickled baby eggplant which is only available during the month of September in Lebanon and fermented in a jar for 2-3 weeks prior to being eaten. This mouth watering eggplant is held in place by a delicious veggie kibbi shell which was invented in house and made of potato, crack wheat and spices which sits on a baba ghanooj dip with pomegranate molasses drizzles on top.
The innovation and the presentation of this dish is 10/10! We highly recommend you give this a try during your next visit!


Next time you’re at Mazaar take a dip into their Labneh! The house made pesto sauce with pine nuts, olive oil and garlic are the perfect toppings for Mazaar’s labneh. Labneh is a creamy dip made from milk imported from Lebanon. Topped with roasted beets and baby carrots which make the perfect addition to this appetizer!


If you’re a seafood lover you’re going to want to try this! The blackened salmon is perfectly grilled and topped with fresh mango, cilantro and bell pepper. It sits on gluten free gnocchi sauteed in leek sauce surrounded by a french champagne sauce moat! The combination of everything is MIND BLOWING. You have to try this entree!