The WindsorEats Outdoor Food Hall at Lanspeary Park in Windsor, Ontario.

Outdoor Food Hall Has Been Cancelled For Weekend of September 25-27

The Outdoor Food Hall at Lanspeary Park has been cancelled for the weekend of September 25-27, 2020.

Due to some last minute withdrawals of vendors, WindsorEats has taken the unfortunate step of cancelling the Outdoor Food Hall Hall this weekend at Lanspeary Park instead of moving forward with a diminished experience for guests. Due to the late nature of the cancellations, it was sadly too late to attempt to secure new vendors for the upcoming weekend.

WindsorEats’ Outdoor Food Hall will reopen on Saturday, October 3 from 12pm to 9pm and Sunday, October 4 from 3pm to 8pm.

For all those who had made reservations, you should be receiving a cancellation notice via email confirming that your reservation has been removed.

The Outdoor Food Hall has provided a great opportunity each weekend for struggling food and beverage businesses to offer their dishes to an extended audience in a safe and anxiety free space. The Food Hall has been successful in its goal of providing support to these businesses, seeing hundreds of guests partake, generating on average $15,000 in sales to 3-4 vendors each weekend.


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