KOMA Restaurant is offering family meals for pickup that feed up to 4 people for a unique way to keep weekend dining a special family event.

You can order some of the restaurants favourite dishes as a family meal from their Arrancini, Chicken Sorrentino, homemade Garganelli pasta primavera and even beef tenderloin.

The meals start at $18 and are available for order online. Their current pick-up hours are Thursdays to Saturdays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

Here’s step-by-step how to make your KOMA meal order:

  • Please place order by 2pm each day (for pickup on that day).
  • Pay for orders here with secure online payment.
  • Fill out the form below letting them know what time you’ll pick-up your order.
  • Please pick-up your order at KOMA at 3090 Dougall Ave. (beside Baskin Robbins).
  • Please DO NOT leave your vehicle as the restaurant design cannot safely accommodate people inside.
  • Have your trunk open for staff to deposit your take-out order.
  • Call at 519-253-KOMA (5662) to let them know you arrived.


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