We did it. We’ve concocted the perfect, refreshing drink for you to beat the heat while enjoying the Mill. St. Night Market in Leamington, Ontario.

It wouldn’t be use to just make a generic recipe, so we’ve kicked up the mojito a notch. There are two things that we think make this drink special. First, we’ve substituted a boring simple syrup with an organic blue agave syrup. Then, instead of using your run-of-the-mill white rum, we’ve switch it with a 5-year cask aged Demerara rum.

“What is a Demerara rum,” you ask? Well, it’s a style that’s similar to Jamaican rum, but has a smoky flavour to it that can add a little bit more complexity to your drink.

We’ll also be serving this alongside 3 flavours of our popular Mexican Street Corn.

The Mill St. Night Market will run tonight, July 5, 2019, from 4:00pm to 10:00pm in downtown Leamington, Ontario. Each Mill St. Night Market is free to attend and have drawn thousands of people out to enjoy great food, drink, music and fun.