We’re excited to announce the first whisky to be available at the 2019 Whiskytown Festival and it’s a special one.

The Canadian Club 41 year old will be served up for samples to festival goers interested in trying a special, locally made whisky.

If you’re interested in the tasting notes of the whisky, think aromas of savoury dried fruit, caramel, toasted oak and baking spices. Combine that with finely balanced flavours of dark plum, rich vanilla and bold rye. It’s complex, yet smooth, as only a 41 year old whisky can be, with a warm and lingering finish.

The Whiskytown Festival is the premier whisky festival in Windsor-Essex. Participants will be able to imbibe in a variety of domestic and international whiskies and cocktails at a festival dedicated to whisky in the city known as Whiskytown, Canada.

Pouring cocktails at the Whiskytown Festival in Windsor, Ontario.
Pouring cocktails at the Whiskytown Festival in Windsor, Ontario.

The celebration will take place in historic Walkerville, a neighbourhood in the heart of Windsor, Ontario. The neighbourhood was the original company town built and designed by whisky baron and creator of Canadian Club whisky, Hiram Walker.

In fact, the festival will be sprawled out on the grounds of St. Mary’s Church, which was built by Hiram Walker’s son and bears the name of Hiram’s wife. It’s even said there are secrets hidden in the church’s design.

Tickets can be purchased online for $30 in advance and include 5 tokens.