Brew is pleased to announce that its online retail store officially launched Friday, April 26, 2019, selling their most popular maple beer.

This makes the Windsor brewery the first in the region to open up sales online. Better yet, they’re also offer free delivery! That’s right, just a couple of clicks and get beer delivered to your door.

Brewer Jordan Goure wanted to create a beer that was distinctly Canadian and delicious. Enter Brew’s maple beer. When you brew it with 100% Canadian maple syrup, it’s going to be hard to find anyone who says he didn’t succeed.

“Our product research has shown us that, while craft beer is riding a high right now,” he said. “What’s more local to every Canadian than maple syrup?”

Brew is located in downtown Windsor, Ontario.
Brew is located in downtown Windsor, Ontario.

Not many people know that the brewery owners, Jordan and his brother Joshua, own and steward a naturally significant 15 acre wooded property in Amherstburg. It is because of this they wanted to make a positive environmental impact with the sales of their maple beer.

“We thought, what better way than to plant maple trees for every case sold online, after all Canadian maple syrup has been key to our success,” added Bronson Goodfellow, head of sales for Brew. “It really is a two for one, we can help the environment while growing maple trees that can be possibly used in future generations of our maple beer.”

If you’d like to purchase the maple beer for yourself, visit