Style of Cuisine Announced for the 2019 Dinner on a Pier

WindsorEats is excited to announce the style of cuisine for our much anticipated Dinner on a Pier for 2019.

We’re bringing back chefs Elise Keller and Johnny Oran of Licia Ruby, who will be cooking up a feast along the Detroit River on Thursday, July 18.

Have you never heard of Dinner on a Pier before? Let us tell you a little bit about it…

The perfect Instagrammable moments are aplenty at Dinner on a Pier in Windsor, Ontario. Oh, and the food is spectacular!
The perfect Instagrammable moments are aplenty at Dinner on a Pier in Windsor, Ontario. Oh, and the food is spectacular!

The heart of what WindsorEats does is to promote Windsor, Ontario’s, local culinary resources. Whether this is locally owned restaurants, chefs, wineries, producers or farmers, we consistently highlight the products and culinary experiences that make Windsor-Essex unique. Being the fourth most ethnically diverse in Canada, we are fortunate to experience the culinary delights from many countries around the world here in our backyard. This ethnic diversity is showcased in our Dinner on a Pier, celebrating global culinary styles and flavours, all with a distinctly local touch.

Guests enjoy local wines and beers served from our refinished 1973 Trillium trailer, named The Traveller, which adds to the ambience of the event. They are treated to a variety of fresh produce and meats incorporated into the multi course meal, dining in the shadow of the iconic and historic Ambassador Bridge, overlooking the Detroit skyline and taking in a beautiful sunset, before enjoying a live musician under the stars and string lighting hung over the pier as ships large and small sail by. As one guest perfectly put it, “the evening felt as if I was at some wonderful seaside resort.”

Dinner is served!
Dinner is served!

The Dinner on a Pier has added a new way for people to connect with food, the waterfront and each other. A true dining experience is always as much about the company you’re with as it is the food. By placing a communal long-table down the middle of the pier, not assigning seating and serving a family-style dinner, it encouraged dialogue and interactivity with the meal among friends and strangers alike.

Previous Dinner on a Pier events have been inspired by Israeli, Spanish and Oaxacan cuisine.

Photo from the 2017 Dinner on a Pier.
Photo from the 2017 Dinner on a Pier.

In 2019, our cuisine of choice will be Izakaya-inspired cuisine.

Izakaya is a style of Japanese cuisine which sees casual Japanese pubs and bars offering up comfort-style dishes. That is, comfort Japanese-style. One of the many great things about Dinner on a Pier is that we try to push the boundaries of the dishes the Windsor region is accustomed to. We introduce new styles of cuisine to one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. Izakaya does that for Japanese food here.

The only Japanese dishes that many people are accustomed to are things like edamame, sushi, miso soup, teriyaki and all things tempura. Our Izakaya-inspired Dinner on a Pier for 2019 is hoping to change their perception of Japanese food.

The full menu will be released in early February.

The value for what you receive compared to other special dinners is incredible. Previous Dinner on a Pier experiences have offered anywhere between 12 and 15 different dishes.

Tickets are already available for the Dinner on a Pier in our online shop and have been selling well. Last year they sold out in February so get them now before they’re gone.


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