We ate a lot of meals in 2016 and some stood out more than others. Here’s a list of some of our favourites from the year that’s ending.

We've never been able to keep this Salmon Crudo on our plates long enough for a picture. This is from Tiki's website.
We’ve never been able to keep this Salmon Crudo on our plates long enough for a picture. This is from Tiki’s website.

Salmon Crudo, Tiki Sushi

The salmon crudo at Tiki Sushi is one of those dishes that is so simple, yet, full of amazing flavour. The raw salmon has been marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and topped with parsley  and has a fresh, clean taste.  The salmon is so tender it feels like it’s melting in your mouth. It’s the dish that I never really want to share so have to order multiple servings so it doesn’t look like I’ve eaten the entire thing myself (even though I really have).


Dinner on a Pier, WindsorEats

Yes, we’re putting our own event on here. The atmosphere of being on a pier shooting out into the Detroit River with the Motor City’s skyline on one side and the sun setting behind the iconic Ambassador Bridge on the other made it seem like you were on vacation. Even with that, it was the absolute culinary genius of Johnny Oran of Licia Ruby Food Co. that stole the show. A 9-course, Israeli-themed family style meal down a long table had too many amazing dishes to choose just one from.

Good thing we’re hosting another on on July 20, 2017!


Chef Nav Sehmbi hamming it up for the  guests.
Chef Nav Sehmbi hamming it up for the guests.

Valentine’s Day Pop-up, Atmosphere Fine Foods

Dressed by an Olive has hosted a few pop-up dinners in their shop over the last year, but, the meal that sticks out most to us was a traditional Indian spread put together by chef Nav Sehmbi of Atmosphere Fine Foods for Valentine’s Day. That Curried Chicken with Egg still visits me in my dreams.


Oh. My. Ramen.
Oh. My. Ramen.

Ramen, Eros Asian Eatery

Every Saturday, Eros Asian Eatery has a lineup at their door waiting for them to open and it’s all because of their ramen.

If you’re wanting (and you should) to try it for yourself, be sure to get there early as it’s made in limited quantities and sells out quickly. Once it’s gone, it’s done for the week.


When you come out to a Wine Trail Ride, this is how you feast: house made hard apple cider can chicken #WindsorEats

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Wine Trail Ride long table feast, Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

While every Wine Trail Ride cycling tour finishes with a scenic, long table feast out in a vineyard, the meal hosted by Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard was definitely memorable. Chef Michael Boucher served our riders hard apple cider can chicken, which they carved themselves at the table.


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