The Motor Owner's Club is an exclusive craft beer club by Motor Craft Ales.
The Motor Owner’s Club is an exclusive craft beer club by Motor Craft Ales.

It’s stuff like this that makes craft beer so great.

The Motor Owner’s Club , an exclusive craft beer club by Motor Craft Ales, launches on Friday, December 4, 2016, with a limited number of membership opportunities. Owners get access to craft beer experiences the public will never know, see, or hear about.

This is Windsor’s first and only beer club dedicated to small batch limited run craft beer and an opportunity worthy of only the truest beer lovers. Members will be one of only 35 people to hold this exclusive ownership.

Craft beer, you're my best friend!
Craft beer, you’re my best friend!

Club members will be treated to every type, sort, and style of delicious craft beer. This club is meant to push the boundaries of what the nano brewery knows and it brings Windsor’s craft beer scene to a whole new level, all while providing you with 12 whole months of Motor Craft Ales to enjoy. We’ve even heard that some of the beers have already been conditioned for over a year.

The special Owner’s Package includes:

  • A special edition Motor service manual which includes:
  • 1 of 35 customized carbon fibre Judge Owner’s licenses
  • 1 – 22 oz. bottle of limited run small batch craft beer
  • Your Personal Motor beer glass


  • 5 more – 22oz. bottles of limited edition small batch (you will be notified before every special release)
  • 6 – 22oz. take home bottles of your favourite Motor Craft Ales
  • Front of the line access to any exclusive brewery releases
  • Access to the Motor Owner’s Club Monthly Newsletter
  • 1 ticket to the Windsor Craft Beer Festival
  • Motor T-shirt
  • Motor Hoodie

You can sign up for the Motor Owner’s Club for $250 plus tax at