A new pizzeria is opening up in Windsor’s near-east end, but, don’t expect the owner to be green in the industry.

Marco's Pizzeria will serve traditional Windsor-style pizza
Marco’s Pizzeria will serve traditional Windsor-style pizza

Marco Malizia, former executive chef at Armando’s on Cabana, is opening the doors to Marco’s Pizzeria & Italian Family Eatery this Friday, January 30, 2015.

While Marco is very appreciative of all the opportunities he was provided at his previous employer, including finishing 4th in the Italian Division of the World Pizza Championships, he said at the end of the day it was his dream to open his own place.

“I love food. This has always been a passion,” Marco says.

Marco isn’t the first in his family to own a pizzeria, either. In the early 1980’s, his father opened Enrico’s, which was located in the Dorwin Plaza. However, when Marco was born, he closed the restaurant to work in the tool and die industry to give the family a little more stability with the dream of opening up again in the future.

Marco Malizia and his daughter
Marco Malizia and his daughter

“I’m making my dads dream come true and at the same time realizing mine and being close to my family,” explains Marco. “It’s like I’ve won the lottery.”

He goes on to explain how the restaurant will focus on making everything homemade, including sauces which will be available for sale.

Good food, good quality, everything homemade. That’s the key to the food industry in Windsor today. clean good meal at a good price and that’s what i’ll try to emphasize here.

“It’s so authentic my Sicilian mother will be making the arancini in the back,” he laughs. “We’re a family place, meant for families. It’s not upscale at all so you can bring your family here and eat well for a good price.”