Enjoy Walkerville Brewery's Coffee Porter in these limited edition growlers.
Enjoy Walkerville Brewery’s Coffee Porter in these limited edition growlers.

The secret is out.

Walkerville Brewery has teamed up with Salute Espresso Bar to create the Post Prohibition Coffee Porter, a perfect beer for the holidays.

Carefully selected direct trade organic coffee beans harvested in Brazil made the trip across the Western Hemisphere to Salute Espresso Bar, still green with potential. In the hands of local roasted Dane Charles, the beans became more than a standard cup-of-joe, they became one of the best roasts in Canada.

The coffee bean selected by Dane was the ‘Yellow Bourbon’, harvested from Laranjal Farm in Mogiana Valley, Brazil.

Delicate toasted nuts with dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla tones are intertwined with the ruby-red colour, soft roasted and chocolatey flavour of the hand crafted porter.

The Coffee Porter, like all of Walkerville Brewery’s beers, is considered ‘grain to glass’ beer. This means they do not use artificial colour, preservatives or flavours.

A dedication to the end of prohibiton
A dedication to the end of prohibiton

This union of perfectly paired flavours leaves you wanting more, but be careful. The 7% ABV catches up to you quickly!

The Coffee Porter is available starting with last night’s The Art of Beer event kickoff and until quantities run out. If you were thinking of picking up a growler, we suggest acting fast. Walkerville Brewery expects the beer to completely sell out by December 25.

“The Art of Beer and events like these wouldn’t be possible without our exceptional staff,” says Tom Scully, sales and marketing manager for Walkerville Brewery. “Everyone from our world class brewers to our events coordinator, Natalie Lahoud, has done everything top notch and deserve all the credit for the success.”

Tom also let it slip that a small portion of the Coffee Porter batch has been transferred into old bourbon barrels and is being cask conditioned with a potential February release date.