The soon-to-be completed facade of Snack Bar-B-Q
The soon-to-be completed facade of Snack Bar-B-Q

Serial restaurateur, Mark Boscariol, is bringing barbecue back to downtown Windsor.

Mark and his crew are working hard to open Snack Bar-B-Q, located at 39 Chatham St. E. beside the old bus terminal, around the beginning of December.

“This is the first restaurant that we don’t have an exact opening date because the menu dictates that we need to prove every item before we serve it to the public,” Mark explains. “The ambitious menu that chef Jim Renaud wants to serve, we want it to be perfect. So that’s going to make it an inexact science for us. We’re ready when we’re ready.”

Snack Bar-B-Q is slated to open in December 2014
The bar begins to take shape at Snack Bar-B-Q

Also, Mark admitted there has been a larger than anticipated renovation and investment into the location, perfecting a space that will be able to dish out quality food in addition to drinks. The restaurant name encompasses exactly what it will offer: snack sized barbecue in a nice bar setting.

“It’s one thing to serve a bar menu that has a lot of deep fried foods and another thing to have the calibre of food we want to serve.”

Snack Bar-B-Q is slated to open in December 2014
Capacity for Snack Bar-B-Q will likely be in the 50-60 seat range.

Mark is eager and excited to be opening a new restaurant and investing in downtown Windsor.

“My heart will always be in the centre of the core. I can either stand on the sidelines cheering for downtown’s success or I can be a part of it and I choose to be a part of it.”

Snack Bar-B-Q is slated to open in December 2014
Still some more work to be done before the doors open.

Mark goes on to say that his goal is to give Snack Bar-B-Q a neighbourhood feel. He anticipates the restaurant to be open for breakfast lunch and dinner. He says downtown needs to become a neighbourhood and he wants Snack to be the hub.

After chatting with Mark and chef Jim Renaud, our mouths are already salivating. Mark and Jim feel this style of BBQ to be offered is unlike anything Windsorites have had before.

Snack Bar-B-Q is slated to open in December 2014
Penny for your thought?

“We want to appeal to the students and the young at heart,” says Mark.

The restaurant will have tapas style BBQ, where if you don’t want size, you don’t have to pay for size. Also, many people people think of bbq as a meat-centric cuisine, but, Mark and Jim ensure there will be many incredible dishes that will also showcase Snack as vegetarian friendly restaurant.

Snack Bar-B-Q is slated to open in December 2014
Beer me! Snack Bar-B-Q will have 16 craft beers on tap.

Snack Bar-B-Q could also potentially be a favourite hangout for beer lovers with 16 draught taps that will solely be dedicated to craft beers.

“It’s going to be fun,” Mark says with a smile.