Chocolate and Wine The Feature of Mother's Day Race, Le Chocolat

Le Chocolat: Windsor, Ontario's only half marathon

Our good friend Chris Uszynski of RunningFlat is hosting a race we think our food-loving fans might be interested in.

Windsor, Ontario’s only half marathon, Le Chocolat, will let participants indulge in chocolate, enjoy the fresh air, and window shop, with the ultimate reward being the complimentary 3L box/bag of wine that looks like a purse, along with a chocolate inspired finishers medal.

There are 5 Races you can register for: the 5K Run or Walk, the 10K Run or Walk and the 21K Half Marathon. All participants get the wine purse and all finishers get the medal.

Why chocolate and racing? As race founder and race director, Chris said with a smile, “Le Chocolat is a Mothers’ Day–inspired run that celebrates what our runners have asked for: a scenic course along the Detroit River, firemen, chocolate and, of course, a 3L wine purse.”

Pelee Island Winery produce the ‘Pelee Purse’ in Red and White vintages and are in limited production. The Wine Purse is given to all registrants at Race Kit Pickup and they must be 19 years of age or older to receive them.

The run takes place in the trendy neighbourhood of Walkerville, allowing participants views of the beautiful Detroit River.


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