Salute Espresso Bar

Salute Espresso Bar is proud to bring you an ultra rare coffee offering from Intelligentsia Roasters out of Chicago, USA.

This coffee offering is the Takesi Organic from Bolivia.

Straddling the slopes of the Andes Mountains, Finca Takesi is the highest coffee farm in the world. This means a few important things for the folks at Salute:

  • The extreme elevation, cold temperatures, and mere 4 to 5 hours of daily sunlight forces the farm to adapt every single growing technique.
  • Germination takes twice as long as other farms.
  • 40% of seedlings in the nursery do not survive.
  • It takes an extra 1.5 years for trees to bear fruit.
  • It takes an extra year for trees to recover from pruning.

This year, the roaster selected a small lot of coffee, harvested in small quantities over 9 months from the highest part of the farm (2200 to 2500 meters above sea level – around 8000 feet), and is the only roaster in the United States to offer this coffee.

Be the first to have a crack at trying this coffee as stock is limited to only about 40 cups.

Coffee will be available beginning Friday February 28, 2014 at $7 for a 10oz. cup.

The coffee is intense, buoyant, and well rounded, it offers complex tropical flavors of cantaloupe and kiwi up front, followed by decadent dark chocolate and plush chamomile as it cools.