Salute Espresso Bar

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, sponsors Salute Espresso Bar and Whipsaw Coffee will host a Latte Art Challenge onsite at Salute Espresso Bar.

This is an open invitation for Baristas of all levels to come out and compete for cash, pride and a growler of Walkerville Brewery beer.

Barista entry is $5 which goes into the prize pool money. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come and support their Barista; cost for attendance is a mere $2.


  • Baristas will be competing head to head and have 2 minutes to put out their best design.
  • The cup of choice will then be judged by our panel of 3 judges.

For the first few competitions, accessories and tools will be allowed to “etch” designs in the cup. Moving into the new year (2014) the competition will move into allowing only “free hand pours” for designs***

Judging Criteria:

  • Aesthetic Beauty
  • Definition
  • Colour Infusion
  • Degree of Difficulty and Creativity
  • Speed

Each of the judges compares the drink presented by each of the two competitors in each match and award 1 point to the competitor with the best presentation in each of the five categories. The competitor receiving the most points on each of the judge’s scorecard will be the winner in that judges opinion. The competitor advancing will advance by virtue of the judge’s scores of 3 to 0 sweep or 2 to 1.

To participate, please contact Salute Espresso Bar.