On Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 7:00pm, join WindsorEats at Biblioasis for the in-house launch of Cooking with Giovanni Caboto. Browse books, have a glass of mulled wine, and taste recipes from the cookbook! Come try a zucchini pancake, scarf some lasagna, and browse one of the most exhaustive Italian cookbooks to be released in recent memory.

Gathering more than 230 recipes and drawing from each of Italy’s 20 regions, Cooking With Giovanni Caboto explores the best in traditional Italian cuisine. Passed down from generation to generation and taste-tested in the kitchens of the Caboto Club, Cooking With Giovanni Caboto will both expand your culinary horizons and lead you to discover a new world of regional Italian cooking. With more than 250 colour photographs.

The event is free to the public.

What makes Cooking with Giovanni Caboto so special?

Most Italian cookbooks feature a selection of well-known, old-favourite recipes drawn haphazardly from northern and southern Italy alike. Italian cooking, however, is as diverse as the Italian landscape, and each of the country’s twenty regions has its own flavours, procedures, and ingredients. Cooking with Giovanni Caboto is one of the only commercially available cookbooks to provide an exhaustive survey of recipes and techniques by region, and certainly the only book to do it all in one volume.

Cooking with Giovanni Caboto therefore not only provides authentic recipes for all your favourite dishes—pastas, pizzas, polentas, lasagnas, risottos—but will show you how to prepare a range of local delicacies and staples, the recipes of which are often hard to find. It also includes valuable glossaries and how-to guides to explain the fundamental procedures of Italian cooking. The Club’s easy-to-follow instructions are suitable for beginner cooks, and our individually tested, generations-old recipes will please more seasoned chefs. Altogether Cooking with Giovanni Caboto provides the combination of breadth and in-depth instruction that will make it, like The Joy of Cooking, indispensable to every home.

Biblioasis is located at 1520 Wyandotte St. East in Olde Walkerville.