Being the eve of the 2011 Winter Bites Culinary Week, and the fact I’m a huge fantasy sports fan, I thought it would be fun to pretend we lived in a perfect world and I were able to eat each Winter Bites menu at least once.

A warning, this is going to be a long post and some menus are still yet to arrive.

If given the opportunity, here are what my choices would be at many of the restaurant:

Big Tony’s Original Wood Fired Pizza Co.

Most Windsorites don’t know this, but, tucked in the back of Big Tony’s is Blue Marble Sushi.

$10 Lunch
First Course – Vegetable Egg Roll
Second Course – Smoked Salmon Roll
Third Course – Volcano Roll

$25 Sushi Dinner
First Course –  Vegetable Egg Roll
Second Course –  Smoked Salmon Roll
Third Course –   Volcano Roll and Naturoll

$25 Pizza Dinner
First Course –  House Salad
Second Course –  Sausage Peporanata
Third Course –  My toppings would be grilled eggplant, red onions, Italian sausage and bocconcini

Blue Danube Restaurant
A mainstay on Ottawa St., Blue Danube serves some fantastic Hungarian cuisine. A definite must try.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Goulash Soup
Second Course – Cabbage Roll and Sausage Combination
Third Course – Palachintas

$25 Dinner
First Course – Perogies
Second Course – Cabbage Roll and Sausage Combination
Third Course – Palachintas

$35 Dinner
First Course – Perogies
Second Course – Marosi
Third Course – Palachintas

Dalhousie Bistro
New to Amherstburg, Dalhousie Bistro is a fantastic place to have lunch with a view of King’s Navy Yard Park.

$10 Lunch
First Course – Soup
Second Course – Reuben Panini
Third Course – German Oatmeal Cakes

An Italian eatery that offers the traditional and not so traditional. Sushi by Jared is also on the menu.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Minestrone
Second Course – Primavera
Third Course – Cannoli

$25 Dinner
First Course – Sweet Potato Tempura Roll
Second Course – Carbonara
Third Course – Nutella Cheesecake

Chanoso’s RestaurantOishii Sushi Bar
Popular downtown Windsor restaurant that is known for their endless possibilities of stir fry.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Avocado Egg Roll
Second Course – Vermicelli
Third Course – Creme Brulee

$25 Dinner
First Course – Firecracker Roll
Second Course – Mango Tango Chicken
Third Course – Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte

Jack’s Gastropub
One of Kingsville’s most popular restaurants, Jack’s is known for it’s tasty, unique and ever changing specials.

$35 Dinner
First Course – Artichokes Parmesan
Second Course – Brandied Beef Tip Shepherds Pie
Third Course – Chocolate Chevre Brownie

La Contessa Ristorante
This restaurant is known for its homemade pastas, hand stuffed raviolis and fresh sauces.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Bruschetta della Casa
Second Course – Pollo al Marsala
Third Course – Cappucino

$35 Dinner
First Course – Eggplant Parmigianna
Second Course – Scallopini Saltimbocca
Third Course – Wildberry Panna Cotta

La Zingara Trattoria
This restaurant offers a visually stunning exterior, interior and cuisine. Service is also top notch.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Insalata Finnochio e Arance
Second Course – Calzone (chicken)
Third Course – Pineapple (with alcohol)

$35 Dinner
First Course – Capesante alla Siciliana (sea scallops with cauliflower and blood oranges
Second Course – Spezzatto (tenderloin tips with sage, spinach and prosciutto)
Third Course – Pineapple (with alcohol)

Mezzo Ristorante & Lounge
Mezzo was chosen as the “Favourite Windsor Restaurant” by voters in the 2009 WindsorEats Awards.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Stracciatella Soup
Second Course – Gnocchi
Third Course – Chocolate Tartufo

$25 Dinner (a celiac/gluten free menu is also offered)
First Course – Squash Soup
Second Course – Pappardelle
Third Course – Crepes

$35 Dinner
First Course – Antipasto Misto
Second Course – Spinach Salad
Third Course – Pollo Sorrentino

Mongolian Grill
A great place to take the family and kids, Mongolian Grill offers up an interactive dining experience.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Crab Rangoons
Second Course – Lunch Meal
Third Course – Deep Dish Cookie

$25 Dinner
First Course – Crab Rangoons
Second Course – Dinner Meal
Third Course – Rangoon Cheesecake

Motor Burger
In its short existence, Motor Burger has become one of Windsor’s most popular restaurants. Their specialty, as their name shows, it burgers.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Spicy Nuts & Panko Avocado
Second Course – Classic Motor Burger
Third Course – Nutella Cheesecake

$25 Dinner
First Course – Chorizo Chili Spring Rolls
Second Course – Jillian’s SMART Veg Engine
Third Course – Nutella Cheesecake

Taste Bud Bistro
Located inside the Art Gallery of Windsor, Taste Bud sources plenty of local products and offers a great view of the Detroit skyline. The meals are always creative and delicious.

$15 Lunch
First Course – Vegetarian Chili
Second Course – Vegetable & Chickpea Curry
Third Course – ‘Mojito’

$25 Dinner
First Course – Baby Spinach Salad
Second Course – Braised Local Beef
Third Course – ‘Mochaccino’