Baking has never really been my thing.  Meals I can manage.  Pasta, meats, vegetables…it seems I can cook these relatively disaster free.  But anytime I try to bake a cake, cookie or tart it’s a 50/50 chance that things are not going to go well.    When I saw this recipe for fleur de sel caramels (which, by the way, I can’t seem to say without an over-exaggerated French accent) they were worth giving a try.

These were so easy to make and DELICIOUS!!  Sweet, salty and melt in your mouth candies.  Wow!  They key to the whole thing working out is the candy thermometer.  You really can’t make these treats without one.

A couple notes for the next time I make these…because there will be a next time.  Don’t add too much salt to the top of the caramel.  I ended up having to brush most of it off because it was just too salty.  Next time, I might also try scoring the caramel before it becomes too hard so that it’s easier to cut through.

Individually wrapping them in parchment paper is an idea for next time.  The caramels tended to stick together when we put them in a bowl.  They easily separate, but maybe wrapping each one would save the trouble.  Plus, how cute would that look??