Jillian and Steven Page

Jillian and I had the opportunity to make it out to the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival on Thursday. We were really excited to see Steven Page and Sloan play their sets and we were not disappointed.

Sloan played a great set for the crowd at the 2010 Shores of Erie International Wine Festival

The best part of it was that after dancing and singing the night away up against the stage, we were able to meet both Steven Page and all the members of Sloan after their shows. We even had our CDs signed!

Koi Sushi celebrated their 2010 WindsorEats Award at the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival

Koi Sushi was at the festival serving some great food. I was blown away to see they were also celebrating their 2010 WindsorEats Award for the Favourite Restaurant in the County. I hope you don’t mind the quality of the photo. It was taken on an iPhone.

As usual, the Lake Erie North Shore wines were fantastic as was the food from the local restaurants. There was one dish in particular that really stood out. All I have to say is Smoke & Spice and poutine. Wow!

Smoke & Spice poutine = sweet poutine-y greatness

Congratulations to the committee members and all the volunteers for putting on another great edition of the festival.