Have you ever ordered a meal that when the plate is placed on the table you realize “this is way too much food for me to finish”?

How about a meal where you know darn well your body can’t fit another morsel of food in it, but, the food so spectacular that the switch in your brain labelled “logic” is turned off and you continue to force feed yourself?

I just had both of those moments today in the same meal.

With Jillian off doing her Jillian things, I decided to order some take out from Smoke N’ Spice Southern Barbeque. My order:

  • The El Ray Sandwich with a side of Mac N’ Cheese
  • Dean’s Smokehouse Chili

After I placed my order, I decided I would walk over to the restaurant to pick up my meal. I had a great chat with the server who was trying to pry out of me the winners for the 2010 WindsorEats Award.

Patience my friend. The answer will be coming soon as the awards are in the process of being made.

The weather was awesome tonight so when I got home with my order, I decided I would eat out back on my deck. Ahhh. Living the life.

The Mac N’ Cheese was awesome as usual. It was nice and creamy yet not overly cheesy. I can’t quite seem to choose which Mac N’ Cheese I like better, Smoke N Spice’s or Biscuit & Gravy’s. Each time I have one I think it’s the greatest until I try the other and so on and so on.

You could definitely taste the smokiness in the chili and it had a nice little kick to it. I loved it, especially with the piece of cornbread they threw in my bag.

The El Ray was El Awesomo. Yes, I’m creating my own words now. The beef brisket melted right in my mouth with each bite. As a lover of anything onion, the onion ring on it made me happy too.

The portions were huge. Even though the chili is a “starter”, I can definitely see a person with the ability to say no to good food being happy with just that as a meal.

Now seeing that I am still too full to move (4 hours later), can someone come roll me to the couch?