La Casalinga Transforms Its Identity; Chef Angela Returns From Hiatus

Chef Angela has returned to the kitchen of La Casalinga and transformed the Erie Street restaurant.

Two years ago, Chef Angela took a hiatus from the kitchen of La Casalinga and accepted a job as the chef on a private yacht. While sailing the high seas, she was able to travel to locations throughout the USA, British and American Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Panama, Yucatan Peninsula and all the way to the Galapagos. “It gave me the opportunity to experience other culinary gastronomie, provisioning and cultures in different parts of the world” said Angela. “It made me a more experienced, well rounded chef. I left because I wanted to gain more experience and when the opportunity came to be a Chef on a private yacht, I jumped at the chance.”

She returned home to Windsor about a month ago reinvigorated, rejuvenated and with fresh ideas for La Casalinga. “I always knew that I would be back because this is where my home is” states Angela. “This is where my family is, my roots.”

The new menu was implemented on June 8th, 2010 and brings a whole new style of dining to Windsor’s Little Italy, one that goes back to old Italian family traditions: family style servings.

There was a lot of research involved. “Even though I’ve been back for about a month now, I was working on the new menu for about six months, while living in Florida” she says. “I felt that the economic changes affected the hospitatlity industry and that a change was very much needed.”

She also mentioned that she wanted to offer a menu that was more casual, more economical, but still authentic, rustic Italian fare.  “I wanted to offer the opportunity for families and friends to share in ‘The Art of Sharing’, to help bring people together and have fun in the sharing experience just like our families did growing up” states Angela. “I think it is very special.”

Now there is no need for past fans of La Casalinga to worry as many of the favourites are still available. Angela also mentioned that they have not changed the quality or the atmosphere, just he experience and made it more affordable for all.

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